May 20, 2008

How Beginners Make Money Online In Blogs

by Sunny

Blogs are the good 1st road to start for the IT savvy and interested beginners to make money online because most of them costs nothing to register and incorporate useful basic tools for the new user to start on.

The most common are and and most people whose into internet surfing knows them. These are the 2 most popular and useful blogging sites on the internet on this day.

There are many posts and advices written on various sites and internet-based forums to let beginners know as to how to proper use them. In many cases, they are used aggressively by individuals to give alternative opinions and to reach across divisions of people's minds.

They also provide features to readers to offer their views on the subject matter and this function makes them a very appealing broadcasting tool to the masses.

There is also no worry of being identity-known as readers can mask themselves and use a nickname to write their comments.

The Earth is a small place now than before in the dawn of the internet and bloggers make things much smaller and lets information travel speedily and available to mankind.

Name it the internet era and benefiting societies at large and making information available to people who seek them all over the world. Of course, bad things could be used to spread chaos and fear in public at large but this can be ignored as long as the benefits outweigh the weakness and matters are under proper care by the govt.

If the people are knowledgeble and highly resourceful and able to differentiate the truth from the fictions, then it will be okay to having them on the internet.

Recently, people have come to be aware that beside providing out news and their comments, blogging is another way to make a living by clicking on advertisement banners ie. Google Adsense and Adwords programs. Many people have become very wealthy using these programs and there are many people who became gurus after doing it themselves and letting beginners know how it's done.

This review which I am writing is one of the methods which I am using Google Adsense to obtain some cash from the internet. The method I am doing are posting articles which are linked to my keywords and then using SEO techniques to boost the google page ranking.

Google is no. 1 search engine which has about 50% of all internet searches every day. The rest are Yahoo and MSN search engines (40%) and other tiny search engines (10%)which are too small to be of much assistance in the quest to making money online to me.

When I write and post more here using the keywords which is part/all of the the domain name and title of this blog, google spiders will soon visit and give traffic from these new and original postings.

To obtain good traffic, I must have a high page ranking from Google which is numbered 0 to 10. All new sites start with 0 and move up as they become older and more posts leading to more traffic from readers. Google will assist traffic to me once this happens and that is the answer why I need to post and post more.

With a solid background in blogging and tips from good internet webmasters and certain good sites, I can succeed and as a gesture, give useful ideas and comments to beginners to make money online in blogs and make it a very enriching experience.

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